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Here at The Mayfair Club, we provide an array of different exclusive games, activities and events. From Pool to Poker, Darts to Chess, there is a lot to be discovered within our walls.

As an exclusive members-only club, you’ll need to apply with us to gain access. Our unique and inviting venue uncovers a breadth of exciting games, facilities and entertainment. With a few clicks, you’ll be welcomed into our world of wonder.

Raise your game and immerse yourself in The Mayfair Club and make sure to apply today.

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Get more from your experience at The Mayfair Club by not only indulging in the games we’ve got to offer, but also our engaging sports bar. There’s more to our club than just gameplay, we’re looking to deliver you a premium experience at our bar. You can grab a tantalising bite to eat, a refreshing drink or enjoy the latest sports games, right from the comfort of our lounge.

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