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The Mayfair Club is fortunate to provide a breadth of available games for our members to immerse themselves with. Whether poker or pool is your bread and butter or perhaps even darts, we have the facilities for you.

Regardless whether you come on your own or as part of a team, you’re welcome to play to your heart’s content.

Bringing members together

A hidden gem in the West Midlands, you can gain access to our private member’s club by signing up today. From games and sports clubs to individual members, you’re sure to find a place in our members-only club. Receive access to The Mayfair Clubs exclusive events as well as access to our cocktail bar.

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Poker games in The West Midlands

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The Mayfair Club delivers a premium service for all levels of players. Enjoy your favourite games at our fully equipped sports bar.

Not only can you play a game of poker in our friendly and inviting games lounge, but our bar is also fully stocked as well as our kitchen is ready to go to serve you your favourite street food dishes.

From practice games to tournaments, ensure your seat at the table by becoming a member, today.

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If you’re looking for a venue to host your team, league or club The Mayfair Club has premium facilities to cater to a whole range of different activities.

Whether you’re a chess, darts or board games club, we’re able to welcome a whole host of teams in through our doors.

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Events, tournaments & games

Our latest gaming events

Find out the latest information regarding events and tournaments taking place at our venues. Designed to unite members, our events are catered to a variety of interests. Browse the latest in current happenings and get in on the fun whilst it lasts.