The Mayfair Guide to Socialising Again

Socialising Again After Restrictions Lift

It’s been a long time since we’ve been able to put our socialising skills to use. However, as restrictions lift, it’s time to swap those slippers for shoes, break out the small talk and get chatting away. Here are a few tips for kickstarting your social life post-lockdown.

1. Small Talk

Oh, the beloved art of small talk! Serving as a great conversation starter, small talk is a surefire way to ease yourself back into socialising again. Ask people about their work-life, hobbies, music taste, and joke about the nightmare that was past year. Remember, people love to talk about themselves!

2. Open Body Language

There’s no use in practising your small talk if nobody wants to talk to you. Open body language is all about making yourself appear more inviting – in other words, don’t slouch or cross your arms. As the restrictions lift, you might not be the only one nervous to talk to people.

3. Friendly Facial Expression

Your facial expressions say a lot about how your feeling. Nobody wants to talk to someone who looks sad or angry. Make sure you relax your eyes, keep your eyebrows raised and paint a smile across your face. As restrictions lift, you’ve easily got something to smile about. A happy expression goes a long way!

4. Bring a Friend

A familiar face always makes things easier. Ask some friends to join you and help you comfortably settle back into a social setting. After all, what better way to conclude the end of an era than to listen to your friend talk non-stop about everything they did in the last year.

5. Put Your Phone Down

If you weren’t addicted to your phone before, your digital companion has definitely become your best friend over lockdown. As restrictions lift, now’s the time to put your phone down and engage in the world around you. Save your eyes from screen time and start a conversation.

We know you’re just as excited as we are to get back out into the world. It’s going to take some time for us all to get back to where we were. We hope these tips will come in handy when you visit us for the Mayfair Unlocked event. Let us know if they do on our social media pages.

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